New IMU Brick (IMU 2.0)

Today we released a new IMU Brick 2.0. With the BNO055 sensor from Bosch the new Brick uses completely new technology compared to the old one. The accelerometer has a higher resolution (14 bit vs 12 bit), it has a continuous self-calibration and it has an accuracy increase of two orders of magnitude.

In a small comparison video we compare the two IMU versions:

Since last Friday we already sell the now deprecated IMU with a reduced price tag (39.99€ instead of 99.99€). Currently we still have 40 pieces of the old IMU in stock. If you still want one for the reduced price you should buy one soon. The old IMU will not be produced anymore after it is sold out.

The new IMU Brick 2.0 is available in our shop for 59.99€.