Two new Bricklets: CAN and RGB LED

We have two new Bricklets available: The CAN Bricklet and the RGB LED Bricklet.

With the CAN Bricklet you can send and receive frames on a CAN bus. A CAN bus is often used in cars as well as industrial sensors and other industrial parts. We are planning to offer a tutorial on how to use the CAN Bricklet with CANopen soon. The Bricklet has a configurable baudrate between 10kbit/s and 1Mbit/s. It is possible to apply filters to match for frames with a specific identifier.

The CAN Bricklet is available for 19.99€ including VAT.

The RGB LED Bricklet is equipped with a single controllable RGB LED. Each color channel (red, green, blue) has a resolution of 8 bit.

During the design phase of the RGB LED Bricklet we made a rather embarrassing mistake. We tried to fit the LED on Bricklet with a width of 15mm. It didn’t fit, so we had to make it wider. We accidentally ended up ordering the PCBs with a width of 17.5mm, which does not fit in our standard 5mm grid that we use for all Bricks and Bricklets. We will add another 2.5mm in hardware version 1.1. In the meantime the RGB LED Bricklet with hardware version 1.0 is available for half the price (3.49€ instead of 6.99€).

We only have 250pcs with hardware version 1.0 in stock, so we expect that hardware version 1.1 with the correct hole spacing will be available soon!