New Bricklets Part 2 - Motorized Linear Poti Bricklet and RGB LED Button Bricklet

Today we want to introduce two more of the new Bricklets: The Motorized Linear Poti Bricklet and the RGB LED Button Bricklet.

In the last blog entry we introduced the DMX Bricklet and the Humidity Bricklet 2.0. You can find it here.

Motorized Linear Poti Bricklet

Compared to the Linear Poti Bricklet, the Motorized Linear Poti Bricklet has a 100mm potentiometer that can not only be moved by hand but also with an integrated motor. Depending on the position of the silider the potentiometer gives values between 0 and 100. The API can be used to cause different behavior depending on the use case. It is possible to tell the potentiometer to retain a specific set-point (this can be manually overdriven). If it is not configured to hold a position, the Bricklet will only drive to the set-point once and after that the user can control the position again. The Bricklet is designed in a way that allows to use several of them next to each other with mimum space requirements. You can use the two inside threads of the potentiometer for mounting to the top of a panel or the mounting holes of the Bricklet to mount at the bottom.

RGB LED Button Bricklet

The RGB LED Button Bricklet is a big button with integrated RGB LED. The cap of the button can opened and an inlay can be inserted. The inlay can either be a printed foil or even a simple piece of printed white paper. Each color channel (red, green, blue) can be controlled with 8-bit resolution. This means that any color can be shown and the brightness is also controllable. As always you can use callbacks to react to changes of the button.