New Server Room Monitoring Kit 2.0

Since we released the HAT Brick in the beginning of the year, it is possible to use the Tinkerforge building blocks directly with a Raspberry Pi. With our new Server Room Monitoring Kit 2.0 you can now also use the Raspberry Pi together with the HAT Brick to control the kit. The new design has several more advantages beside this.

With this new design it is possible to connect the cable from the front as well as from the back of the enclosure. It is now possible to hide cables at the back.

The new enclose also has more space available compared to the old version. You can use a stack of Bricks in parallel to a Raspberry Pi + HAT Brick. It is possible to attach up to two stacks with 4 Bricks each and additionally the Raspberry Pi and HAT Brick. Thus it is now possible to connect over 40 Bricklets.

The basic configuration of the new Server Room Monitoring Kit 2.0 also includes a Segment Display 4x7 Bricklet 2.0 and a E-Paper 296x128 Bricklet (black/white/red). You can use the display Bricklets to show errors. With the E-Paper Bricklet it is possible to display an error message that persists even during a power outage!

VAT reduced from 19% to 16%

From July 1st, 2020 the VAT will be reduced from 19% to 16% in Germany. We will not increase the net price in our shop, so all products will become 3% cheaper (for customers that have to pay German VAT).

Here are the most important questions and answers:

Question: What happens to orders that are made after July 1st 2020?
Answer: These orders are charged directly with 16% VAT.

Question: What happens to orders that are ordered and paid before July 1st, 2020 but not delivered yet?
Answer: The shipping date is the date that counts for the VAT calculation. We will refund 3% after shipping in this case.

Question: I am expecting a subsequent delivery (backorder) that has not yet been sent. The order was placed before July 1st, 2020. What happens here?
Answer: As mentioned in the last answer, the shipping date counts, so the reduced VAT will be applied. Therefore, for backorders that are deliver after June 30th 2020, we will refund 3% of the value of the backorder

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a message to

New DIN rail mounting kits

A few months ago we released the new HAT Brick and HAT Zero Brick. Until now we didn't have any solution to mount the HAT (Zero) Brick together with a Raspberry Pi and some Bricklets on a DIN rail. To remedy this we made two new rail mounting kits.

With the Horizontal Rail Mounting Kit the Bricks/Bricklets can be mounted on the top.

The Vertical Rail Mounting Kit is perfect for a space saving installation. Because of the vertical orientation you can use both sides of the moutning plate.

The kits consist of a laser cuttet mounting plate and 3D printed feet that can be clamped on the rail.

New WI-Fi/Bluetooth sticks for RED Brick

We have two new Wi-Fi/Bluetooth sticks for the RED Brick. They will replace the old Wi-Fi stick, which is not manufactured anymore.

While searching for a replacement we tried to implement most of the improvement suggestions we got for the old Wi-Fi stick. There are now two variants:

Both support the Wi-Fi standards a/b/g/n/ac and both also support Bluetooth!

Full driver support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (including WPA, Access Point mode, etc) is included in all RED Brick images >= 1.15.

The Wi-Fi interface can be configured through Brick Viewer as before, Bluetooth is available through hcitools/bluez:

RASPPISHOP - Official Tinkerforge Reseller

The RASPPISHOP is the newest reseller of the Tinkerforge building blocks and an approved reseller for the Raspberry Pi. The founder of the Shop is a maker and launched the site in 2013. It is now one of the best known shops for Raspberry Pi equipment in Germany. Additionally to the range of boards, enclosures and many accessories for Raspberry Pi, they also offer products for your smart home.